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“There is no other book so various as the Bible, nor one so full of concentrated wisdom. Whether it be of law, business, morals, etc. . . . he who seeks for guidance . . . may look inside its covers and find illumination.”—Herbert Hoover
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Pastor Charles Valentine

God Is

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Dedicated To the Lord!
With Apostle Robert A. Currie
Today's Scripture: PSALM 124

God is on our side when we are on HIS side. Additionally, just because God is on our side does not mean that we are always guaranteed immediate success nor that we are spared hard times or trouble ( John 16:33 ).
This psalm describes “The Great Blessing of Having the Lord on Your Side”. You could have many people on your side and still be ruined. You could have a mother and father for you, yet still live in defeat and disaster. You could be very well liked and have many friends who want you to do well, and still end up in hell – both figuratively and literally.

The ONE we must have on our side is the LORD. ONLY the LORD is capable of defending us against the forces that come against us in this world. But if the Lord IS on our side then we will never be given up to our enemies. God will vindicate us! We WILL enjoy glory and victory and safety. Psalm 124:
Psalm 124 is like a very dear friend to me. It has encouraged me, and reassured me through some of the lowest moments in my life. I am glad to introduce you to this Psalm and I trust that it will become a dear friend to you, too.
"Have A Blessed Day"

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